Nice Cans

I’m fighting back my gag reflex as I post this.

Reader Seth writes:

I bought these gems in New Zealand earlier this year

Anyone in New Zealand now want to help us import a 24 pack of these for the next Mission Mission giveaway? Let’s talk.

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8 Comments on “Nice Cans”

  1. Tom R Says:

    Swap for a case of Four Loko, perhaps?

  2. me drinky Says:

    i have seen those in missouri

  3. Lyc Says:

    Drank them in Australia. They’re great!

  4. Almostnative Says:

    Yea. they’re all over Sydney. I call em trailer park cocktails.

  5. jessica Says:

    they have them in texas too.

  6. Jessica Bessica Says:

    I have a New Zealand connection. What’s it to you?

  7. laura Says:

    Tried jack and cola in oz..cola is more like nasty syrup.

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