Portrero Hill Bombing

Maybe there’s something to this whole intelligent design thing because Darwin is clearly wrong about these guys, who filmed themselves bombing Portrero hill and blowing stop signs on fixed-gear bikes.

BikeSnobNYC had these bits of commentary gold to offer:

I’m not sure why you’d make a video like this and put it on the Internet unless your goal is to figuratively urinate on the graves of every cyclist who has ever been killed by a motor vehicle through no fault of his or her own.

Ouch! And:

You’d also think that, in a city like San Francisco, climbing hills quickly would be the true measure of cycling prowess, but I guess water and stupidity always find their own level.

Great idea. Anyone want to start making some impressive “reverse hill bombing” videos? Let us know. We’ll meet you with the cameras (these may be cell phone cameras) at 22nd and Church.

[SFWeekly via BikeSnobNYC]

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17 Comments on “Portrero Hill Bombing”

  1. Hurr durrr! Says:

    Are you new? Portrero? You have too many r’s in there pal.

    Po trero. Potrero.

  2. 2fly Says:

    footage of going up the hill would be *great* in slo mo

  3. JJ Says:

    I tried doing a helmet cam of going uphill, but it is very very very very boring.

  4. wcw Says:

    Man, these nitwits are not only stupid, they’re wimps. This is my corner. We are at el. 250′, so they might be ‘bombing’ all of 150 vertical feet. At age thirteen I regularly used to ride to BART from the folks place around el. 1000′, probably 500 vertical.

    If you’re going to risk your life, do it right.

  5. Andrew Sarkarati Says:

    do this on a skateboard and then we’ll talk . . .

    • beth b Says:

      I grew up on Potrero Hill, and my brothers and their friends all skateboarded down those very hills in the 70s. A few skin grafts later, they live to tell the tale.

  6. Cat Says:

    Take away the bikes and it’s still a really nice video of some pretty SF sunsets/views.

  7. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    These are the fucktards that give bicyclists a bad name.

  8. I used to like to go down really steep hills on my bike too. When I was 12. And even then I made sure to do it on long uninterrupted rural roads. You could put an Exhibit A cover sheet on this for why people hate cyclists.

  9. no.thanks. Says:

    fuck all ya’ll, this shit is old hat. fools have been bombing hills on track bikes for the past 6 years. they made a film about it, its fucking called M.A.S.H.

  10. jim Says:

    None of you have ever done anything illegal or dangerous ever, right?

    Haters gonna….

  11. This looks like my daily commute (ain’t sh*t). Seen MASH?

  12. Bonei Says:

    Dumbasses Dot Com

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