Teenage Haight

Honey In Yr Brain, in a post titled Why I Love Haight Street, shares a gem of an overheard conversation:

Fifteen-year old boy […] to friend: Dude did you take the whippits out of his back pack?

Friend: No.

15 year old: Dude I fuckin’—…ugh I told you to grab them!…Now he’s going to do all of them with out us!


[Photo by Jonathan Clark]


Neighborhood Whippits Users Now More Environmentally Conscious

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3 Comments on “Teenage Haight”

  1. James O'Boston Says:

    im in ur haight sitlieing on ur sidewalk

  2. tacotron Says:

    Nice Reatards reference

  3. alyssa Says:

    awesome. some teenage girls were talking about “fingering” on the bus earlier..pretty much made my day.

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