Women and Binge Drinking

Over at Salon, local sexpert Tracy Clark-Flory looks at why gals are more into binge drinking than they used to be:

I’m more likely to order a beer and a shot of whiskey than a cosmo. I like to go against stereotypes like that. It is cocky and perhaps foolish — but, then again, the same can be said for my male friends when it comes to drinking. I might be driven by some vaguely third-wave feminist desire to “keep up with the boys” — but plenty of “the boys” are driven to keep up with each other, lest they appear unmanly. This is binge culture, and it isn’t strictly male or female anymore.

It’s on! Also, read on for more on the special health effects (and sexual assault effects) of binge drinking when you’re a woman.

[Photo by Carina]


Drunk Girls and Chicharrones

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11 Comments on “Women and Binge Drinking”

  1. dylan Says:

    Hot chick with an Ice in one hand, Loks in the other. Very classy broad ; )

  2. Caitlin Says:

    Don’t drink too much if you cannot take it. It might be better if you smoke marijuana.

  3. dude Says:

    see, binge drinking makes you a babe. err… maybe that’s when I’m binge drinking.

  4. carina Says:

    mom would be proud.

  5. Kyle Madison Says:

    Yes, it’s very feminist to liquor yourself up irresponsibly, act like an idiot, vomit all over your shoes, scream “woooooooo!” a lot, and leave yourself open to being molested and raped. Hooray for the modern girl!

  6. Carina is the hottest babe in the whole wide world and would never get involved with binge drinking

  7. philipbryan Says:

    It looks like she is doing her former cheerleader routine:

    “Ready!? OK!”

  8. tk Says:

    As a binge drinker who loves women who binge drink, I support this development.

  9. Macho Energy Police Says:

    I see those two around….I think I’ll let people know that on the “World Wide Web”

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