4 thoughts on “Hella Parking”

  1. I love this! Anyone dumb enough to use the word “hella” is probably dumb enough to drive to the city and park here, thus getting towed. Works out perfectly!

  2. anyone who thinks using the world hella is dumb obvious hasn’t lived here long enough or knows nothing about bay area youth culture. obviously this alleged tag is a guerilla art comment on the availability of parking within the city.

  3. BBWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! “Guerilla”?! More like gorilla… I have seen monkeys produce more interesting warfare on less. That’s a TOY Ollie; if you don’t know that then it’s you who has no understanding of “bay area culture”. Two kinds of people whom carry big markers in there pocket; A graffiti artist, or a poser. This image happens to be the latter. I would bet, a low-life good for nothing, bridge and tunnel, douche, whose only contribution to society, is removing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the pockets of hard working members of this city, just to clean up your silly TOYS.

    How about you and your toy tagging, not unlike a dog pissing on a fire hydrant, keep the guerrilla movements’ to the artistic, talented, and literate graffiti ARTISTS of San Francisco and do us all a favor by becoming one, or keeping you marker in your pocket?

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