Skunk-Colored Squirrel

Sorry about the resolution here, but I was momentarily struck stupefied by the coloring on this critter, so I didn’t snap a pic until he was a half mile away.

Anyway, I’m sitting there enjoying a banh mi and a Vernor’s in Civic Center Plaza when a jet-black squirrel with white stripes and speckles sprints past me and off into a flower bed. What!? I thought I was in China or something. Has anybody ever seen such a thing? Where’d he come from?

My theory is that he stowed away on this big dumb Christmas tree they trucked in from somewheres:

4 thoughts on “Skunk-Colored Squirrel”

  1. I think I saw the same type of critter a couple weeks ago on a Wednesday at Civic Center Farmer’s Market. I saw it and thought, it’s a skunk! but it’s a squirrel! but it looks like a skunk! It was just hoppin along on the grass and seemed pretty curious about what those farmers were selling. Cute

  2. Squirrels with white splotches are sometimes called piebald squirrels. I can’t find any example of uniform skunk-like stripes though… maybe it was a little skunk baby?

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