Uphill Battle

Bernalwood has a theory that Bernal Heights is hipster-free because nobody wants to ride their fixed gear bicycle all the way up this hill. So they’ve proposed that, come springtime, all us area blogs co-sponsor a race up Folsom Street (pictured) to the gates of Bernal Heights Park. Says Bernalwood, “Who’s in?”

Check it out.

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5 Comments on “Uphill Battle”

  1. GlenParker Says:

    If I promise to keep it in first can I enter my RD-350?

  2. no.thanks. Says:

    hipsters and fixed gears huh.

    dude, everybody rides fixed. fucking nobody goes to bernal because its fucking bernal.

  3. Jack Elliot Says:

    Fuck, so my “moat around the castle” plan has finally been breeched. Tell you what, if you can make it past Stoneman without walking your bike up, I’ll be waiting outside my gate with an icecream and tight v-neck for your Pabst-guzzling ass.

  4. hmm Says:

    maternal heights sucks face reality

  5. why Says:

    you have to cross over the heights to get to Maggie Mudd :)

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