My Bright-Red Rolltop Messenger Bag

When Mission Workshop first hit the scene, my only complaint was that their bags came in nothing but drab colors. Lucky for me, they recently debuted a couple of new color options, one of which is bright red. And they were kind enough to give me a review model:

So I’ve been riding around the neighborhood expecting compliments on my rad bright-red bag. But all I get is:

Whoa, is that a rolltop messenger bag?

OMG, is that a rolltop messenger bag??


So it’s turning heads, which is nice. But not because it’s red. Oh well. The rolltop is great; never do I worry that anything in the bag will get even slightly damp.

My favorite part is still the extremely well-conceived one-handed strap tightening/slackening action:

More info and colors here.

P.S. Sorry about all the bag porn recently. Maybe only a couple more posts and then we’ll be done for a while. Maybe.


Ariel Reviews a Mission Workshop Backpack… in the Shower

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One Comment on “My Bright-Red Rolltop Messenger Bag”

  1. Operation36 Says:

    Ooo, it needs to open up that hole it has there.

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