Unbelievable Savings at the Converse Outlet

Right? Outlet or not, Converse prices are out of control. They’re like gas and pale ale, staples of modern life that should be affordable but surely aren’t.

I say just go ahead and spend the extra ten or fifteen bucks and go for the custom colors.

[Photo and title by snapandgo]

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4 Comments on “Unbelievable Savings at the Converse Outlet”

  1. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    How is it that when they were made in the US they were half the price (or $14 for a pair of Chucks at the outlet), but then they get bought by Nike, production moves to southeast Asia to lower production costs, and then prices go through the roof?

  2. AJ Says:

    Or go to Arik’s and spend less.

  3. carlos. Says:

    i’d hit that up if they sold cons (the skate shoe side of converse)too. wassup allan, did chu see any? & if so, where dat be?

    • Allan Hough Says:

      Nah, the skate shoes are pretty limited edition I think. Skate shops only. I like the nice color schemes they come in, and how sturdy they are, but they never seem to fit quite right, or look enough like Chucks.

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