Need Some Advice?

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16 Comments on “Need Some Advice?”

  1. melissa Says:

    After the day I’ve had, I’m tempted. Can’t be any worse than anything else people have suggested today.


    THIS IS EVERYWHERE NOW…6 postings in the pops restroom alone

  3. SimonSays Says:

    Someone sign up this number for the thing.

  4. marco Says:

    I think this is on the Karate building on the corner of Lexington and 20th. The guy who owns that business is the nicest guy you could ever meet. He works really hard teaching neighborhood kids, and doing other work too. This building gets tagged all the time. So on top of all the hard work he does and all he does for the kids in the neighborhood, the poor guy has to spend hours painting over the mess that a bunch of entitled, self centered graffiti taggers leave on his wall every week. How about doing something productive for a change, scumbags.

    • Bob Dole Says:

      Not to mention how the City slaps you with a fine if you don’t remove it within 30 days… Thanks alot taggers!

    • two eyes and two hands Says:

      cry cry cry……..ease up. graffiti happens. next you’ll be complaining about loud rock music, the price of milk, and jay leno not being funny anymore.

      • Steve Says:

        Fuck you. Grafitti doesn’t “happen”. Some fucking turd with nothing of any value to contribute MAKES it happen, without consideration for the people who have to spend their time and money cleaning up after them. It’s ridiculous to me that there are people that are so self-centered that they feel ok about doing that to other people, but it simply blows my mind that there are people who defend what they do.

        Again, fuck you.

      • Actually, none of those things just “happen” — they’re all the result of people making decisions. Only a person who feels a need to justify his or her own decisions would try to rationalize similar decisions as things that “happen”.

        Oh, wait — the part about Jay Leno not being funny anymore… that’s a subjective aesthetic opinion. I agree with Steve — go fuck yourself.

  5. two eyes and two hands Says:

    awe. i’m sorry. it must be really hard for you people to exist in an urban environment. too bad it can’t be the 60’s again. oh wait, even the 60’s had graffiti.

    i’m sure you both have bigger issues to devote your energy to. as for me? well, i’m going have a nice evening filled with fucking myself.

    relaxed, content, and loving the writing on the walls.

    • Bob Dole Says:

      Can I come over and write on your walls? Or better yet your face.

      • two eyes and two hands Says:

        you know, there’s something very interesting happening here. more times than i can recall i’ve read blog stories, or new stories, regarding graffiti, and the people that do graffiti, and am shocked at the outright violence that is openly talked of in the comments. i’ve read that people think the hands of these kids should be cut off. they are threatened with being beat up, locked up forever, even killed. get a fucking grip, people!!! these are most often children that are doing the graffiti. 15, 16, 17 year olds. yes, there are older people, men and women, that continue to do graffiti. but it’s paint on a wall. i read about our elected politicians cutting funding to social services, schools, and after school programs. and the tough economic situations that good people are forced into because corporations need to turn a profit….that’s when i get mad. i read about companies shipping jobs over seas because the labor force is cheaper. yahoo firing 700 people. the republicans voting “no” on whatever is put before them, that’s when i get mad. a young bart policeman was put in a stressful situation, restrained a man, and then pulled out his gun and killed him, by mistake!!! that’s when i get mad. homeless people have little to no mental heath options. a war that was started by an oil money hungry, vengeful, short sighted, dim-whit of a president, and continues to this day….that’s when i get mad. i have no power to fix those situations. i vote in every election. i speak my mind. i pay my taxes. but the wars continue, people die, single mothers become homeless, people are losing their homes, their savings, their jobs, because investment companies figured out that they can bundle and sell mortgages for a profit with no further risk to them. even if the loans default!! who cares, it’s a profit. this is america. we have the right to run a business, and business needs to turn a profit. bernie madoff scammed millions of dollars from his friends. ruined people. and yet since he wears a suit, and lives in a very nice home, and walks among a social class of people we’re trained to respect, he becomes social gossip?? when someone tags my house, and they do, it takes me less than 5 minutes to repaint the wall. it takes about the same amount of time to clean up shit in the alley. i’m not worried about the paint on the wall. i’m worried about the rage that wells up in the comment threads under stories about graffiti. i’m worried that one of you hair trigger mother fuckers is going to lose your shit and kill a 16 year old boy, because he was spraying his tag on your wall. your unreasonable level of anger will become so great that you’ll actually do some of the shit i read. so yes, bob dole, come on over and write on my face because i made a comment in a blog. come on over. but before you get here, stop the war, give someone a job, fund our schools, prevent someone from losing their home, and please solve any other actual issue truly worth becoming enraged over. i’ll gladly let you write on my face.

      • My only problem with your comments, two eyes and two hands, (aside from your refusal to use the “shift” or “enter” keys, which makes your remarks readable only with great effort) is that you mix up a huge pile of serious social and political issues with one less serious aesthetic/social issue, as if concern about one group were equivalent to concern about the other.

        Yes, we’re pissed-off about economic conditions, and disconnected politicians, and wars without end. But those are the things that most of us agree are wrong and stupid and worth fighting on a serious level. Then we come here, and half of us think that bitch-ass taggers suck, and half of us think they’re bitchen cool. And it’s here that the first half of us can blow off steam about the second half — while the second half coos to us reassuringly about tagging being with us forever.

        If you have a problem with that system, maybe you should be devoting your attention exclusively to the doings in Sacramento or DC. I’m going to continue to advocate for public flogging for neighborhood uglifiers whenever I show up at this silly little blog.

  6. two eyes and two hands Says:

    Yes, I agree that my comment was difficult to read. I’m sorry for that. It was a stream of thought composition, fueled by welling emotions. Sorry ’bout that.

    I love reading the two sides of the issue comments that take place within this blog. Really I do.

    The button I have is any comment implying, or outright calling for personal physical violence. I find it shameful that somewhat mature adults are reduced to such a primal level over something that I personally see as a minor flaw in such a wonderful city. I’m cool with an eye for an eye justice. As long as it’s somewhat equal.

    And by all means, please continue to tell me to go fuck myself. That shit makes me laugh.

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