All Our Pierogi Pleas Have Been Answered!

It all began earlier this year with one reader’s impassioned plea for some decent pierogi in San Francisco. There was lots of interest, lots of talk. There was an email thread called “Pierogi Party” for a while, but I don’t recall whether it ever came together or not.

This weekend, finally, there’s a pierogi pary in SF. PierogiSF tells us all about it:

The Pierogi Plea Is Being Answered on Saturday, Dec 18th – Twice!

PierogiSF ( and Oakland’s Natural Cookery ( have each heard the pleas for delicious pierogi in the Bay Area, and we’re answering the call at this Saturday’s (12/18) New Taste Marketplace! ( 4-9pm at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in Potrero Hill, 500 De Haro at Mariposa.

[Photo by reg5057]

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3 Comments on “All Our Pierogi Pleas Have Been Answered!”

  1. Amy Says:

    It sounds great and all, but I’m sure that for anyone who feels pierogi is an important part of their cultural identity, it’s making pierogi that’s the tradition.

    I’m wiling to volunteer my apartment if like 5 people show up.

  2. Mike Says:

    I’m a pollack who’s been living in the mission for a while and I want me some local pierogi. I just had a big ol pierogi party at my house last month with pierogi that my mom made from scratch. Check it

    Old Krakow in West Portal used to have excellent pierogi but hey closed down a couple years ago. If you want good ones, hit up the polish deli in Concord. You need a car though.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Just got back from the New Taste Marketplace, it was in the very cool looking church on De Haro, worth the trip just to see the murals inside. Good Pierogis. Yum.

    Would have been nice to have some beer to wash them down with, maybe next time!

    A couple years ago the Polish hall in the mission had a polish constitution day celebration, tons of yummy pierogi like grandma used to make

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