How Did This Luxury Automobile Flip Over on Valencia?

Photographer Dennis Kernohan was on the scene for the aftermath of what looks like an epic flip. Over on the photo page, he offers three guesses as to the cause of the crash. Squeaky Clean Dave was the first to respond:

1) SFPD pursuit?
2) Bridge & Tunnel morons?
3) Bay Area drivers can’t hack it in any sort of weather?

Try your luck.

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6 Comments on “How Did This Luxury Automobile Flip Over on Valencia?”

  1. I’d love to find out what happened! Anybody anybody?

    Also Mission Mission – (re. your flckr comment) I love you guys but 1950 called and wanted their sexism back…

  2. Jon Says:

    I was walking up Valencia heading toward 20th when this happened. I heard skidding, looked to my left and a car was rolling down the street… sideways. I have no explanation other than the roads were pretty slick. Moral of the story, I saw it happen and don’t know how it happened. The refrain from all the onlookers was “How did that happen”.

  3. Texting while driving is the answer. End of story.

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