Badass Bullhead Mural Unfortunately Located Right on Top of Rad Laser Kitty Mural

It’s like if Picasso painted Guernica over Starry Night!

[Photo by Ben Roodman] [via SFist]


The Origin of the Laser Kitty Mural

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25 Comments on “Badass Bullhead Mural Unfortunately Located Right on Top of Rad Laser Kitty Mural”

  1. Cosmic Amanda Says:

    Awesome…I mean weak…I mean awesome…I mean weak. I’m so confused!

  2. fuck you Says:

    what the fuck does this have to do with the Mission?

  3. Marisol Says:

    Are there unspoken tag rules? I always assumed/hoped murals and art would be respected…
    Do the bulls count as their own mural? Or is it elaborate graffiti?

    • In theory Says:

      There’s supposed to be, but seems some f’ers don’t really care about anything but pissing their paint over anything and everything. On my block, two murals have been plastered over with tags. It’s irksome. Seems the SF graf movement has moved from “saying some interesting things about property rights” to “not giving a shit about shit.”

  4. moderniste Says:

    My sadness and irritation at seeing the lazer kitties covered up nullifies any appreciation for the new “mural”. Methinks the new artist has disrespected some very basic boundaries–ego much?

  5. MrEricSir Says:

    Every time you paint over a mural, God kills a kitten.

  6. There’s a wall that needs a quick dose of Last’s mixing mistakes paint.

  7. marK Says:

    A bona fide graffiti mural sprayed over commissioned work…

    Real street art or canned corn….hmmm…of cats….with laserbeams….

    They could always hype the street artist and then celebrate that they have an original.

    ps – as soon as you get used to the bulls, someone else is going to have their turn. Might as well go with the flow..and turn it into a challenge or something else creative instead of lamenting the culture which they tried to imitate. Or commission art with an actual message instead of an internet meme.

  8. marK Says:

    Time you all to get out of the mission – you think you own it! You think you can put a mural up and not have it painted over.

    ‘Any message’…etc bullshit quote: what are you talking about?

    Pricks like you are the type that don’t appreciate something like Reminisce’s horses until a blog or gallery tells you it’s cool.

    • I’m talking about a comment you made, dumbass:

      “Or commission art with an actual message instead of an internet meme.”

      Do you read your own stuff after you channel it out of your ass?

      And believe it, I never liked those stupid horses and, praise Jebus, had completely forgotten them — just as I’ll gratefully forget all the other lame crap your buddies paint. At least Reminisce wised-up, got an education and quit painting on other people’s stuff. But she’s still pretty lame.

  9. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    …This is why we can’t have nice things, people.

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