Noisebridge In Trouble

Mission DIY Hackerspace Noisebridge is at risk of shutting down early next year unless they get some financial help. If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly urge you to do so. They are at 18th and Mission and it’s a great place to work on any kind of DIY project you can think of be it hardware, software, or even cooking. If you dig the space, you should become a full-fledged member and use the facilities.

They have a cool 5-minute talk series every 3rd Thursday. It’s totally fun. It’s like TED‘s cocaine addicted, disorganized, less-influential little brother.

Noisebridge was also behind the hilarious Juggalo science fair at the Warfield this year. So if you don’t help them, this may be the future of San Francisco:

Hit up this link to donate or inquire about membership.

[via Uptown Almanac]

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