First Date or Never

How long do you wait to sleep with someone? Honey In Yr Brain and her roommates have some thoughts:

P: Yeah. I mean it took three dates to get her to sleep with me…..

K: Three dates? Damn, that seems pretty quick and easy for someone who seems like they valued sex or whatever…not that I would know.

P: What!? Isn’t that the rule? They say “three dates is the rule” on Sex and the City.

K: You watch Sex and the City?

Read on for the powerful conclusion (and to see if P watches Sex and the City or not).

[Photo by Primo]

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7 Comments on “First Date or Never”

  1. GG Says:

    Or, read on for the most blindingly awful blog design ever.

  2. Jane Says:

    I love that Kyra is on her way to being as MissionMission-blogfamous as I am.

  3. Shameless self promotion aside, our recent blog post, Casual Sexpectations may bring some light to this subject matter.

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