Hipsters as a Consciously Formed Legitimate Subculture

Janebook examines a hypothesis put forth by one of her readers:

Do people really see hipsters as a legitimate subculture that individuals got together and consciously formed? Like, around 2002 all these dudes who got picked on by jocks in high school all got together around this big round table and were like, “Modern culture is fucked! Let’s make our own, where we wear trucker hats and Buddy Holly glasses and sweaters that are too small, drink shitty domestic beer and nerd out over records! That’ll show ‘em!” And then they recruited people and did their thing, then they all reconvened in 2004 like, “OK guys, new rules” […]

Read on for 2004’s new rules and more.

[Photo by Primo]

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5 Comments on “Hipsters as a Consciously Formed Legitimate Subculture”

  1. dude Says:

    “He’s bearded and heavily tattooed and his interests include motorcycles, skateboarding, and getting totally shitwrecked on bottom-shelf bourbon. He is the exact physical manifestation of the type of guy that you, Jenna and I like.”

    is this parody or something?

  2. Kyle Madison Says:

    2002? Half the people in the art department of UF were hipsters as defined above back in 1997.

  3. james Says:

    This is what Kyle really just said, “I WAS ON THE SCENE FIRST”

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