Ping Pong in San Francisco

Since Ping Pong Gallery hung up their paddles and changed their name to something more mature, I can’t think of any good places in town to play ping pong. What gives?

Curbed last week mentioned a movement to install some tables in local parks. That’d be nice.

That McSweeney’s event (pictured) was fun, but a one-off.

There’s that janky table in the yard at Finnegan’s, but that’s a haul.

Somebody with a table in their art space or office or something want to start hosting a regular ping pong happy hour or something? Please?

12 thoughts on “Ping Pong in San Francisco”

  1. I heard that Tee Off in the Richmond has a table. Never been, probably because it’s in the Richmond but still might be worth checking out.

  2. Clearly we need to start a Berlin-style bar, with pingpong and pretzels. Did you go to Dr. Pong in Prenzlauer Berg? Anyhow, last time I ventured into Cole Valley, Finnegan’s Wake had a table set up.

    1. Dr. Pong is great, but I like Sportklause Glogauer (AKA Balkan Tripps) better. More young people, fewer weird old dudes, and you don’t have to go all the way to Prinzl’berg.

      1. There was a bar in Frederickshain on Simon-Dach Strasse (the main drag) with a robot/spaceship theme and awesome minimal techno with a screaming neon orange ping pong table set under a black light that featured neon paddles and balls. Very amusing when in altered states. But I forget the name of the joint.

  3. In Paris, I saw public outdoor tables — you just brought your own paddle and balls. Pretty great, easy, cheap idea. Right, Mr. Ginsburg?

  4. My name is Cooper from Table Tennis Nation. We work with individuals, clubs, and bars to hold tournaments and matches around the country. We would be happy to work with anyone interested to start some events out there (with the chance for amateurs to win $10,000). Feel free to check us out at www dot tabletennisnation dot com or email me at info at tabletennisnation dot com.

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