Dirty Mission

Ever wonder what the Mission looked like before “all those CCA taggers and fixie kooks” arrived?  Well, MM reader Eric Shea was kind enough to pass along this video, which he got from his buddy Joe Bay, who presumably got it from creator Patrick Gleason.

Check it out for some neat High8 footage of skating through the Mission in 1994 (around the same time that Fugazi would routinely play shows in Dolores Park).

Link:  http://vimeo.com/14287360

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3 Comments on “Dirty Mission”

  1. Jack Walker Says:

    The school where they skated is no longer there. It was across from the firehouse on 19th and Folsom. The old school was built below grade. The grounds would fill with water. It was a wretched ramshackle place. Next door was a social club, The Mexico Lindo, where low-lifes played cards, drank and dealt drugs. After a strong-arm murder/robbery by thugs from the Army Street projects, and a great deal of community complaint, the fucking government, (ABC & SFPD,) the Lindo was closed and reopened as a restaurant. The old school was torn down and replaced with a new monstrosity completely disproportionate to the surroundings.

  2. Macho Energy Police Says:

    ‘routinely’ pop over from Georgetown? – lol, you guys.

  3. Macho Energy Police Says:

    … nitpicking aside your ‘audience’ aint gonna get this, even with Gonz in the beginning, but halfprops for trying.

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