Party Like It’s ’11 — 1911, That Is

Sounds like the 1911 Mission had it going on for New Year’s, especially compared to those poopy Market St or Fillmore parties.

“What added to the color and the light and life and tumult was the fact that it was a genuine street carnival that reigned, most of the New Year eve merrymakers being in masquerade costume.”

“Gipsy maids and flaring Carmena, toreadors, strolling minstrels, peasant lads and highland lassies,  some of every nation under the sun, nuns and monks and saucy flower girls, in with those garbed in every day street wear, went to the making up of the throng, 30,000 strong, that turned Mission Street last night into a howling, laughing, cheering, exultant mob.”

So basically like today’s Carnaval, but at midnight. I am sure that would go well these days.

Another 1911 novelty: “Police Kept At Ease By Lack of Rowdyism”.  Unlike, say, this city winning a major sporting championship.

Click for the entire article — Mission excerpt below. Oh, for the simple days of Queen Julia.

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