Hey Bro, Need Some Denim?

Self Edge tries out a new sales strategy: This guy stands out front in his special uniform and barks at passersby. I like it.


Obsessed With Denim

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7 Comments on “Hey Bro, Need Some Denim?”

  1. kiya Says:

    I would just like to state that this man does not work for us.

  2. no.thanks. Says:

    Ha, Sebastian.

  3. yuppieindisguise Says:

    “Hey bro! You on your way to Medjool? Why don’t you replace that $300 shirt that says Armani across the front with a $350 cotton flannel? More people wear those around here and you’ll fit in better on your way to your new condo in the Media Gulch, I mean Florida St.”

  4. SCUM Says:

    Is this the place all the bears get their cowboys outfits?

  5. dirtbag diz Says:

    that hat was $5 thrift and kills…

  6. KLYRSLF Says:

    Whoa Bro I can’t believe you went out on the corridor wearing that! Total Faux Pas!!! Plus I heard you were holding hands with Kiya. You guys are such lint lickers! I’m all about dumpster diving my food and all my clothes. You queens need to go back to the peninsula where you came from! Leave the city to the real gangsters. Keep it gutter punk for life. By the way I’m writing this from a stolen iphone i took from your dad.

  7. wondering Says:

    The flannel shirt he’s wearing is $280 at Self Edge. But I’m sure he’s a dishwasher or barback or bike messenger who saved up to get that specifically for it’s quality.(yeah right!)

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