5 thoughts on “How to Disguise an Unsightly Porta-Potty”

  1. if there were more public bathrooms
    we wouldnt have to hide locked porta potties
    cant we get designated pee-walls? a la netherlands?

    1. It would be nice, but would people use them? Despite there being a public bathroom at the 16th and Mission Bart station, I’ve seen quite a few folks elect to pee behind the taco truck or in a garbage can instead.

      I think public urination is just part of our culture.

      1. The ONE bathroom at 16th and Mission is fucking disgusting, because it is the ONLY ONE. How about the standup portable urinals like they have in Europe? Sure, they are inherently sexist, but let’s be honest. It’s the guys that are doing most of pissing in public anyway.

  2. Why is this in “MissionMission” when the picture at the link cited is in Seacliff/Richmond district? I mean, yes, (probably) only in SF, but NOT in the Mission. Our hood needs to be well (or at least accurately) represented on here!

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