Raise Your Hand If You’d Like to Learn How to Maintain Your Own Bike

Well, crew, you’re in luck. Beginning this month and continuing through March, Box Dog Bikes will teach you. Here are descriptions all the classes they’ll be offering:

Know Your Bike:  Learn all the names of the parts of your bike; learn how to replace an inner tube (fix a flat); learn the wonders of the rag, cleaning your bike keeps your brakes working better, and your chain shifting more reliably.

Brakes:  Learn the basics of your braking system.  We learn how to replace cables and housing, replace brake pads, and conduct the various adjustments necessary to get a strong and centered brake.

Shifting: Learn the basics of your gear shifting system.  We learn how to replace cables and housing.  We learn about what is necessary to maintain clean/crisp shifting in both front and rear derailleurs.

The Bicycle Wheel: Adjusting hubs and truing rims.  We learn how to keep your hubs spinning smoothly without wobble, and how to straighten and round your rims.

Bearing Systems: The only advanced class, if there is one here.  We take apart hubs, bottom brackets and headsets; repack them; and adjust the bearings.  Time permitting, and interest level, you will get the opportunity to overhaul one or two of these bicycle components.

Click here for schedules and pricing.


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