Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Busted up sports trophies were strewn all up and down a section of York Street last night. It was not a pretty sight.

Once upon a time, 1999 seemed like the distant future. Now it’s ancient history.

4 thoughts on “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

  1. I saw a girl at Pops that evening with one of these. She was trying to use it to scam free drinks at the bar. Classy.

  2. Wow, I think someone had their personal Waterloo on Friday night.

    The sudden cold realization that they were 30 and that those 10 year old victories with the fellows back in high school are meaningless. Meaningless in the face of a hard, cruel adulthood.

    Damn it’s like someone vomited pathos, maybe bathos, all over York Street.

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