I Think I Stop You


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18 Comments on “I Think I Stop You”

  1. NotTheStig Says:

    It’s so nice to see the mentally handicapped have taken up spray cans.

  2. BK Says:

    Fuck Farina anyway. That place is seriously the worst, most overpriced restaurant in the Mission.

  3. Silmonster Says:

    That’s my friend’s house and this is the second time that this particular less-than-articulate vandal has defaced it.

    Street art is one thing. Ridiculous tagging is just that: ridiculous.

    • stiiv Says:

      What’s with that place? It was a yoga studio or some such for a while, right? And then what happened? I see people living there, which is an odd use for the space.

  4. I am happy to finally see someone noticing some of the ailments of this city! It’s nice that we want to help everyone but first we must help ourselves!! As it stands now, I believe we are screwed when a true disaster hits this city! In the event of a disaster the few Black families still residing in this city will most likely have to fend for themselves, people are not nice (ANYMORE)! I was reared in a racially diverse atmosphere both at home and educationally! If you would like me to elaborate let me know. my family has not change but this city has and not for the better!! How will you deal with the high numbers of Asians and Latino┬┐s that even in my work environment have shown their preference for hiring or renting to their own before a Black person! And have you noticed that Asian and Latino’s out number both the Black and White residents of San Francisco? How do you plan to appeal to them?

  5. Chico Dusty Says:

    not farina.

  6. I like their windows.

  7. Eon Says:

    KKKatie jumped the fence?

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