Bike Thief Trades Up

Reader Clay W. needs our help:

I walked outside of Mission Cliffs and my Specialized Langster had been freshly stolen! The cable that locked my bike to the poll was laying on the ground. Right next to it was a cruiser bike with leather handlebars and the lights still blinking (whoever stole my bike took the time to put the kickstand up). I waited around for 15 minutes and talked to people at the scene who agreed that I should take the cruiser.

Now I have a new cruiser bike that was probably stolen from some poor hipster girl. What’s the ethical thing to do in this situation??

I’m pretty sure this shady CL add is for my stolen bike.

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14 Comments on “Bike Thief Trades Up”

  1. florabama Says:

    next time make an appointment to see if it’s your bike. if it is, say you’re going to the bank to get money, then come back with the police. i’ve know a few people who’ve done this

  2. sk Says:

    A bike thief wouldn’t attempt to sell it for $250 more than its worth.

  3. sk Says:

    also “locked” is an exaggeration of what that cable was doing to your bike.

  4. dang Says:

    this happened to my friend.
    his bike got stolen in the TL

    it looked nice, but he didnt maintain the brakes or chain, etc.. really a deathtrap.

    so, days later, the thief steals another bike, and left my friends bike in its place.

    fortunately for him, the 2nd cyclist posted on craigslist… and my friend got his bike back.

    sometimes its good to not be the king

  5. el jeffe Says:

    What should you do?

    Get a real lock!

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    Hah! Joke’s on the thief, he ended up with some crappy fixie!

    • Sigh. Road bikes and “fixies” aren’t the same thing bro. Check out the sweet brakes and gears on that “fixie” ugh.

      • sk Says:

        thats definitely a fixie. bro.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

        Uhh.. Are we looking at the same picture? Because the bike in the top photo? That’s a fixie.

        Just because it has brakes doesn’t make it not a fixie. The defining feature of fixies is having a single (fixed) gear. Which is justsilly.

        Fixies without BRAKES, on the other hand, go beyond silly and deeply into “Wholly Fucking Retarded” territory.

  7. Kringle Says:

    if you dont have the S/N the cops wont help you.. so make sure you can identify your bike… or be prepared to go on a really long test drive.

  8. So many complaints about preventable theft. Get better locks kids.

  9. Jon Says:

    Give the fucking bike back to the poor hipster girl. Jesusfuckingchrist, what is wrong with you?

  10. Adam Says:

    Nothing like hearing “get a better lock” after your bike is stolen. Here’s a standing clap for you geniuses who take the time to post such an arbitrary bit of advice.

    Seriously, way to throw salt in wounds.

    Shot in the head? “Duck faster” would be my advice.


    PS just got my bike stolen, I know how it feels. Hope you track it down.

  11. danial123 Says:

    I know how it feels. Hope you track it down.

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