Don’t Fence Me Out

So Delano’s is dead, and we’re all bummed for its former employees, but why the big fence around the parking lot? Why they gotta shut down our sweet shortcut?


Don’t Fence Me In

Fenced In!

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13 Comments on “Don’t Fence Me Out”

  1. Lynae Says:

    And god forbid anyone actually park there!

  2. plumpy Says:

    I’ve always heard they do this stuff for liability reasons. Like, they don’t want to pay to maintain that parking lot, but if you get hurt walking through it because there’s some giant sinkhole or something, you could still sue them. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

  3. whitney Says:

    RIP best shortcut ever

  4. Stuart Says:

    I heard it will be a FoodsCo. although to have two within 10 blocks of each other seems unlikely.

  5. sfnola Says:

    Still hoping for TJs…

  6. Jon Says:

    Don’t worry, Whole Foods is on its way.

  7. Drew Says:

    Live nearby and glad about the fence. I could see it getting tagged and becoming an encampment in no time flat.

    Walk another 50 yards and burn off some calories, people, geez.

  8. one Says:

    You know that people have been murdered there, right?

  9. one Says:

    A friend was on the jury that convicted the shooter. I don’t remember much beyond the fact that the murder took place after hours in the parking lot and it was stupid posturing male related.

  10. one Says:

    About 5 years ago.

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