The Food Version of Four Loko

Curbed editor Sally Kuchar sent us an amazingly useful video about pork products and Four Loko.

Check it out below, but first, a disclaimer:

If you are at all interested in turning a carnivore into a vegetarian or turning a possible immigrant to this country away forever this video may be of use to you. However, if you have recently eaten food or if you plan to try to eat some food sometime today or if you are pregnant or hungover or have any kind of negative reaction to realizing how disgusting we all are you may not want to watch this video. In addition, if you value the time you have on this world and don’t want to spend it watching videos made by white trash bozos act as if they’re funny because they’re only pretending to be white trash bozos, then you may want to walk away from the computer and kiss someone.

(Thanks Sally!)

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9 Comments on “The Food Version of Four Loko”

  1. Carl Same Says:


  2. rod Says:

    is this an endorsement or something?

  3. tacotron Says:

    Epic Meal Time Rules! The best is breakfast fortress.
    P.S They’re Canadian

  4. You know, everything about the bacon trough actually sounds kind of amazing, except for the chili itself, which sounds inedible, and the 4 Loco, which those of us who used to drink it know is inedible. I would absolutely make that trough with everything else though, and substitute my amazing chili for that gross chili.

    Anyone got a spare deep fryer?

  5. kiya Says:


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