Valencia Street Green Wave Here to Stay

Streetsblog reports:

Valencia Street’s nearly two-year-old Green Wave signal re-timing aimed at prioritizing bicycle traffic speeds continues to please street users, city leaders, and advocates alike. What started as a temporary pilot will become a permanent institution this week with the installation of four new Green Wave signs along the corridor.

“Green Waves are the most recent example of the SFMTA finding innovative ways to further improve cycling in San Francisco,” said SFMTA CEO Nat Ford.

Following examples in cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Portland, the signal optimization keeps vehicles traveling at a steady cycle-friendly 13 mph from 16th to 25th streets while garnering benefits for all users.

Great! But how come this blog post is the first time I’ve noticed the signage pictured above? Maybe those need to be bigger so motorists will see them too and stop gunning it from red light to red light. Read on.

[via Urban Velo]

[Photo by Bryan Goebel / Streetsblog]

12 thoughts on “Valencia Street Green Wave Here to Stay”

  1. I noticed that Market was a red wall from Civic to Safeway last night while the usual ride is pretty much all green if there’s a clear lane to ride in.

    I wonder if they’re timing the lights there for 13 mph.

  2. I never knew, and tried it on my commute this morning. 13mph is not fast, but it is faster than stopping (or pausing) for reds. Works for me — thanks for the tip!

  3. As a fast cyclist, I find it best to start riding up or down Valencia when the light is about to or has just turned red. That way I won’t catch up to another red light for several blocks, at least. If I start when the light turns green I will see a red light every block, and while I may arrive at my destination a minute earlier, I will end up working much, much harder.

  4. The only “green waves” I’ve noticed are the fumes coming out of the Mission’s pot clubs. I got a second hand medicinal high today from standing too close to one.

  5. The problem is, for most people: 13 mph is too slow going downhill (north from 26th until 18th) and too fast going uphill (south from 18th to 26th). When going downhill, like somebody else said, when that first light goes green, I wait (or ride *really* slow) for a good 15-20 seconds, then you can make them all at a good clip.

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