I Love Parking on the Sidewalk

Like, when you have a good reason like you’re packing up a canoe or something, and you know it’s wrong or whatever, but you also know nobody’s going to hassle you? What a feeling! It’s the funnest.

12 thoughts on “I Love Parking on the Sidewalk”

  1. Actually, if you park under a bay window, it’s legal. Really! I even asked the DPT guy and he confirmed it, it’s not considered part of the sidewalk.

    1. if you have a 2 foot wide car maybe, even then you’re wrong. I used to park my motorcycle under my bay window for years until one day a DPT came by and was measuring the set back from the curb which counted underneath the bay window. I had to move my bike..

  2. Thursday is street-sweeping day on my block. I walked out of my place to find two humongous ComCast trucks parked on the sidewalk in front of my building, blocking four garage doors, even though there wasn’t a single vehicle parked on the street. They do this shit because they can get away with shit that the rest of us would swing for; another example of tiered laws.

    1. as a former comcast employee i racked up thousands of dollars in parking tickets doing just that. the SFMTA would go out of their way to leave me a little present tucked in the recesses of my van. but man, the parking locations were top notch!

  3. I want to be a BART maintenance worker so I can park a couple of vans right on the 16th & Mission plaza and mess with the king & queen who keep their power-thrones there 24/7 (even when they feel like getting up and walking around for a while).

    1. Thanks for the info Mark.
      My other bone to pick about parking, traffic-flow and Comcast is the seemingly new fashion of stopping a Comcast vehicle in the middle of the street, even when it can pull over, surrounding it with orange cones and walking away from it. Each and everyone of us, car, truck, bus, bicycle have a responsibility to not block the flow of traffic. I’m not getting the feeling that some of the drivers care.
      One Comcast driver did the cone thing one afternoon on Waller Street and got busted by the patrolling DPT agent, then he got huffy about.

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