Something “Cool” is Coming to San Francisco

SF Haps posted this website promoting some nebulous service called “Hipster. All you get is the cryptic tagline, “Something Cool is Coming to San Francisco”.

As if we haven’t beaten this one to death: What is Hipster? Any guesses? I’m going to throw this out there: a community message board for recovering patients of hip surgery.

I suppose if you’re really curious you can sign up for an invite. Of course, there’s no telling what that email will actually be used for. You may just end up hearing from a lot more wealthy Nigerian princes looking to liquidate their assets.

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8 Comments on “Something “Cool” is Coming to San Francisco”

  1. Cosmic Amanda Says:

    It’s a search engine, but the results are all pretty obscure. You’ve probably never heard of them…

  2. Russel Says:

    It’s another group-buying site not unlike Groupon or Gilt Groupe, brought to you by
    and this guy:

  3. Christi Says:

    She’s actually right. Did some e-sleuthing and found the Boulder version is up and running. Cached Google result here (while it lasts):

    Unfortunately doesn’t look that interesting. Or useful. Kind of reminds me of the new Facebook questions feature–dumb.

  4. ryanb Says:

    LOL @CosmicAmanda. Comment of the year (so far)

  5. pedro Says:


  6. thomasb Says:

    Looks like a mashup of and with and thrown in to emulate some sort of usefulness…

  7. marcos Says:

    hipster shark => jumped

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