Banksy is Back?

It appears that Banksy heard about the challenge we offered him last month and decided to respond!

Or this is the work of some sort of copy-cat artist.  Check it out under the bridge at Dolores Park and decide for yourself!

(Thanks Bryan!)

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15 Comments on “Banksy is Back?”

  1. photographess Says:

    Love the picture ;)

  2. invader Says:

    knock off… not banksy

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    That is awesome, but definitely not Banksy.


    Hesh MDL

  5. Jack Says:

    Noticed this one myself and got a print of it from I sent in my own photo. Don’t think it is a banksy tho.

  6. eleanor Says:

    peed on that yesterday.

  7. Actually, better than the Banksys that I’ve seen…for what it’s worth…

  8. olu Says:

    Kinda looks like Swoon.


    Crocs are wack.

  10. phlavor Says:

    Protip: Banksy doesn’t do feet well. That’s not a Banksy.

  11. Still a good piece even if it isn’t one of Banksy’s!

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