Modern Love 2011

I love that David Bowie song “Modern Love,” but I think it’s time Janebook and her pals produce a remix, incorporating some of the decidedly even more modern stuff seen here, in this excerpt from a post called “The Modern SF Love Story”:

K: We should write the modern love story:  a tale full of riveting texts, unbelievable tweets, and dive bars with views of Tecate waterfalls.

J: Long afternoons in Dolores Park, gossiping about people sitting 20 feet away. The buzzing of exterior gates at 2:43am.

K: 1964, the big Royal Ball. Epic battles between track bike riders and people with vintage city bikes.

J: A duel outside of Pop’s in the late summer afternoon heat…

K: … people watching in suspense from the windows of St. Francis.

J: Two lovers separated in a sea of Debaser flannel.

That’s how it ends. Super poetic. But the beginning is great too. Read it all.

[Photo by Carina]

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5 Comments on “Modern Love 2011”

  1. porkbelly Says:

    Mission Mission –
    You are officially a broken record. I’ve heard enough about flannel, track bikes and Dolores park. It is time that I bid you adieu.

  2. SCUM Says:

    Heil Hipster.

  3. dude Says:

    Reading janebook, overhearing some girls talking at bean bag about “sometimes I think that guy has nothing to offer besides a big dick,” etc., just brings me to the realization:


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