Sacramento: A Nice Place to Visit

I asked Devin if he’d had any kind of formal self-defense training or anything:

No, not really. I went to military school when I was younger, but I’ve always been a badass.

Good to know. Watch your backs if you ever visit Sac I guess. And try to hang with a badass like Devin.


Critical Mass Sacramento

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19 Comments on “Sacramento: A Nice Place to Visit”

  1. truth Says:

    Dumb and lucky

  2. Kevin Says:

    Can’t be that badass. He’s apparently the only one who comments on his own Facebook posts.

    • Devin Grant Says:

      That is a screen shot taken literally less than a minute after I posted, as it clearly shows. It is also obviously a continuation of my update. Also in addition to the 15 friends of mine who commented, now you have as well. Thanks!

      Think much?

  3. SCUM Says:

    If you have to call yourself a badass, you probably aren’t one.

    • Devin Grant Says:

      I didn’t, my friend Allan did. When asking me if he could blog about this incident, he sent me the following question:

      “Do you have any formal self-defense training? Or history of being a badass?”

      To which I gave my comical response as shown above.

      If you have to hate on someone else’s life, chances are you don’t have one.

  4. Devin Grant Says:

    Man, even the internet haters need practice.

  5. Stuart Says:

    Chances are high in the Mission that you may someday have a gun pulled on you. What are YOU gonna do?

  6. kate Says:

    my boss told me a story about his sister who was held up at gunpoint around mission and 24th in the eighties. she kicked him in the balls and took off running. it’s up to you to do what you want when you’ve got a gun on you, but if you take the asshole down you’re a badass, and as far as i’m concerned you’ve earned the right to call yourself one.

  7. Bob Dole Says:

    Might as well be a good time to take up jiu jitsu.

  8. ian mackaye Says:

    Luckily enough, I’m too broke to get robbed.

  9. wondering Says:

    Living in the mission for a few years I started to feel like that would never happen and then two years ago on a rainy sunday around 2pm a guy grabbed me by the arm and pulled a gun on me on 15th and south van ness. I instinctively pushed him against a garage door, and yelled “fuck you!” then ran down s. van ness. I looked back and this guy was not only chasing me but had pulled his beanie down into a mask. Luckily I lived on 14th and Folsom at the time and made it to my building.

  10. chalkman Says:

    running from a guy who pulled a gun on you seems like a good way to get shot in the back. either hand over the goods, or take the gun, stick it in their mouth, and pull…

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