Genghis Blues Screening at the Roxie Tonight

Last Tuvan throat singing post of the weekend, I promise.

In case you missed last night’s Tuvan throat singing extravaganza at Kaleidoscope, Genghis Blues: the movie which made it all possible, is screening tonight at the Roxie at 7:15pm. Best of all, after the movie Kongar-ol Ondar will be performing!

The Genghis Blues Review last night was totally packed, but it was an awesome time. Kongar-ol Ondar did some traditional songs, but also took us back Tuva future with this folk-rock inspired number:

He also invited local singer and vocal teacher Karina Denike up to, uh, feel his diaphragm.

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2 Comments on “Genghis Blues Screening at the Roxie Tonight”

  1. frank Says:

    Thanks for posting this Vic, the show was great and we would have never known about it without the blog post.

  2. Darkley Says:

    Has Tuvan Throat Singing made it to “Stuff White People Like” yet?

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