Delano’s to Become ‘Fresh & Easy’?

The former location of Delano’s, which generates a lot of discussion here for some reason, may soon be replaced by a Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. “Fresh & Easy”? That sounds like the kind of girl you’d want to date. If you are a breakdancer. And it’s the 80’s.

From Curbed:

A little bird just told us that grocery chain Fresh & Easy is this close to signing a 20-year lease for the recently shuttered Delano’s space on South Van Ness in the Mission.

Get the scoop at Curbed SF.

[image via Curbed, thanks Sally!]


Delano’s Going



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17 Comments on “Delano’s to Become ‘Fresh & Easy’?”

  1. NIMBY Says:

    This is great news! More jobs for local residents and another option for grocery shopping! Hopefully I’ll never have to go to Safeway again!

  2. SimonSays Says:


  3. Herr Doktor Professor Winklevoss Says:

    for anyone that is curious, fresh and easy is a subsidiary of british mega-retailer tesco plc.

  4. Christi Says:

    I know we’re SF and we’re supposed to hate corporate chains.. but this is actually kind of exciting to me. I went to one of these in LA (groan) and it was surprisingly nice.. decent prices, good produce, and lots of fresh ready-made options for busy-bodies like me.

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    Yeah, Tesco are pretty crappy, but I’ve never been to a “Fresh & Easy”. Maybe they’re great, I Just. Don’t. Know.

  6. Missionista Says:

    This is a great fit for the neighborhood. Low prices, fresh foods and ready-made items. Take a look at their website – they are kind of an anti-Safeway. (And anti-WholeFoods, for that matter).

  7. no.thanks. Says:

    YES. im from los angeles and so i have to go back about once or twice a year to see family. fresh and easy is really good stuff, if you like trader joes, you will like this.

  8. someJuan Says:

    I stopped at one of these charming stores in Phoenix and liked it. I remember thinking it was a cross between a Trader Joe’s and a Costco. Glad we’re getting one. I had been hoping for a Trader Joe’s, or even a Mi Pueblo, to move in, but this store should be just as good.

  9. thegrinch Says:

    It say a lot about things when the first thing I thought of was that I can apply for a job there.

  10. MrEricSir Says:

    I like my groceries the way I like my beats: Fresh and Easy
    I like my groceries the way I like my women: Fresh and Easy
    I like my groceries the way I like my Sudoku puzzles: Fresh and Easy

  11. JP Says:

    Emphasis on energy efficiency is great.
    Affordable(?)without corns syrup and trans-fats great.
    Reliance on lots of packaging for “ready to eat” is not great. Maybe they can be changed.
    Much better than Cala.
    Much better than condos.

  12. Jon Says:

    A fecking Tesco, in the Mission, feck that.

  13. SFDoggy Says:

    I have heard good things about F&E; and it least it will be an interesting alternative.

    @someJuan: There is a new market opening up on Mission St. (near 23rd or 24th) that looks like it will be named “Mi Pueblito”; I am wondering if it is a downsized Mi Pueblo or if it is just shamelessly engaging in trademark infringement.

  14. el jeffe Says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard mostly good things about it, although I’ve also heard that everything is pre-packaged and over-packaged. It makes me wonder how “fresh” it really is.

  15. Mitch Says:

    The Fresh & Easy Buzz blog, which has been writing about Tesco’s Fresh & Easy since the start, has an interesting take on the South Van Ness/Mission Fresh & Easy story. It’s at

  16. Jon Says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood…

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