Bicycle Thief or Bicycle Enthusiast?

Concerned reader Jeremiah M. noticed the suspicious contents of this black Nissan pickup truck parked on Valencia at 21st and decided to alert the authorities:

Notice hacksaw, broken u-lock, many bicycle wheels including several sawed apart bicycle wheels.

What do you think, readers?  Is there a logical, non-criminal explanation for having all of this stuff or were we just treated to a behind the scenes peek into a bicycle thief’s mobile base of operations?  Those are quite a lot of sheared spokes in that blue bin.  Also, are those wheels locked down or just sitting there?  Either way, this doesn’t look good!

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13 Comments on “Bicycle Thief or Bicycle Enthusiast?”

  1. marco Says:

    And the police response? Let me guess…

  2. aaron alvin Says:

    Broken u locks? thats a common bike tool. Thank you Jeremiah.

  3. cliff notes Says:

    fuck it! guilty until proven innocent! we’re SF we say we’re left.. but in reality we’re super conservative mob justice gentrifying racists! YEEAHHHH!!

    at least thats what I get from reading comments on this blog…

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable Says:

    Suspicious at the very least. But I tend to doubt that the cops cared.

  5. florabama Says:

    he didn’t have any frames, so maybe he’s just cleaning what’s left of stolen bikes off of poles. and perhaps that why he has tons of rims/wheels and broken locks.

  6. Kringle Says:

    Valencia Cyclery leaves parts like this in their dumpster in front of the store.. maybe the truck owner got the wheels from there or another shop to sell for scrap?

  7. SCUM Says:

    I it floats it’s a witch.

  8. aaron alvin Says:

    Maybe its the magic bike fairy, fixing broken spokes and dreams. Hey cliff notes, what exactly is racist in these comments ?

  9. Jon Says:

    The person was collecting bike wheels and spokes for scrap metal (likely from a bike store dumpster, or by cutting the wheels left behind by real bike thieves). The fact that just wheels, spokes, and locks were there is the give away (not to mention leaving all that crap in an open truck bed for anyone to view)

  10. I like to be positive and hope that this is an artist who is inspired by bike parts. Not that criminals use their brian, but they would be a moron to leave all that out for everyone to see.

  11. Marisol Says:

    My brother collects abandoned wheels, frames and stuff, too, in hopes of building bikes from all the parts.

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