Tonight: Magical Evening of Yacht Rock

Best email we got all day:

Subj: We have a magical evening of Yacht Rock coming your way.

Hi there – This is Annie from the band DATE NITE. I will be performing, with my fellow sailors, at a fantastic event this Thursday evening at the Blue Macaw. There will be Michael McDonald covers, shoulder pads, a tribute to Gerry Rafferty, a vintage bathing suit competition, and of course plenty of champagne. Below is a description of the event and a couple of winter yachting tips.

Hoping we see you there!
Thanks… I’ve included an inspiring photo for reference.
Annie Sloan

After the jump is the full press release, including info about the performers and vintage swimwear contest, plus a fun list of wardrobe suggestions.
Ships Ahoy Daaaaaaaaaahling…

We are preparing to again storm the decks of The Blue Macaw for our second instillation in the winter yacht rock series. Can’t wait to see you all out in your finest Yacht Rock attire (see below for tips!). Ladies we want to see your inner early 80’s glam diva dripping with pearls on the arm of your dashing Italian captain. Gentleman we want to see your inner late 70’s gentleman in regatta regalia with some traveling vixen in a vintage bikini and swimming robe lightly placing her hand above your tightly framed butt. Let’s get on some serious Italo-Disco up in here people!!


Sexy Fun Funky Nasty Outrageous and Just Plain Good Beats and Jams

*~~* Starring *~~*



Opening Dj playing your favorite Yacht Rock to warm the night up!

Michael Tello (Tello your on Yacht Rock)


Vintage Swim Wear Competition at Midnight

Men and Women will compete together for best use of and ability to accessorize a vintage swimsuit or swim wear.

Remember you don’t have to wear the suit all night darlings just long enough to compete and for some mild to heavy petting afterward.

WINNER- Free entry +1 to yacht rock for LIFE! A magnum bottle of champagne to share with your friends and or new fans.


Your Late Night Yacht Rock Captain on the Wheels of Steel

Playing only the best in Retro Vintage Disco Electro Grooves and More Haul and Oats

Cole (Tigercat)


$10 in Yacht Rock or General Fun Festive Attire

$15 in Other Attire (If you must)

*******~~~~ALL HANDS ON DECK ~~~~*******

This Thursday Jan 27 at 9:00pm – Friday at 2:00am

The Blue Macaw- ie The Delido

2565 Mission Btwn 21st and 2nd

San Francisco, CA

If you pondering your wardrobe & coming up short here are a few quick go-to options for Men and Ladies. Think grand think fun and think sexy! (hmmmm when do we not really?)

I will have the heat turned up so don’t worry about showing some skin people!


Captain’s Hats

Sailor Suits


80’s Seersucker Suits

70’s and 80’s Leisure Suits

Vintage Ray Bans

Members Only Jackets



White shoes

Mustaches and Beards


Hawaiian Shirts (preferably tacky)

V Neck Sweaters

Polo Shirts


Loud Polyester Shirts

Disco Pants

White Pants

Tight Pants

Tight Shorts

Bold Colors

Vintage Bathing Suits (encouraged)


Anything Micah Byrnes Wears

Anything Outrageous

Anything Fun


Shoulder Pads (bigger the better same goes for the hair)

One Piece Pants Suits

Pencil Skirts

Short Skirts



Wide Brim Sun Hats


Bad Floral Print


Feathered Hair

Polyester Pants Suits

Polyester Rayon Spandex Anything

Evening Gowns

Animal Print

Big Sunglasses

Button Up Silk Shirts with Neck Bows

Plunging Neck Lines


Vintage Bathing Suits (encouraged)

Bathing Robes (well accessorized)

Anything Outrageous

Anything Fun

However, all this being said if you must come after work or a meeting with your boss’s partner from Spain or from dinner with your new girlfriends brother bring them all along and just get on board!!! After a few drinks what difference does it make?

Can’t wait to see you all OWN this look!

We are particularly looking forward to judging the vintage bath suit contest at Midnight. Remember darlings you don’t haaaaaaave to wear the suit all night darlings just long enough to compete, and after for some photos and maybe a little mild to heavy petting afterwards.

See you there!

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3 Comments on “Tonight: Magical Evening of Yacht Rock”

  1. Stu Says:

    One of the worst periods in music history is being celebrated?

  2. ColbyCo > Denver Carrington

  3. Kringle Says:

    so sad to miss this. can you post events more than a few hours before they happen? A popular ladies gotta plan her social calendar.

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