‘It’s Sunny in the Mission’ Says Possible Mission Anthem

Our pal Christina recommends a song:

I wanted to share this song which I think could kind of be a Mission anthem, my friends wrote it so I may be a little biased, but doesn’t it just want to make you go lay out in the sun in Dolores Park? Feel free to share with MissionMission fans. The band is called The Cannery and they’re local.

Listen to the song in question here. Might be a little mellow to be the sound of the Mission, but it’s good.

Thanks, Christina!

[Photo by Carina]

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3 Comments on “‘It’s Sunny in the Mission’ Says Possible Mission Anthem”

  1. Dizerker Says:

    I wonder if those ladies just bought some Ganja off the guy behind them.

  2. SCUM Says:

    That song is more suited for the hippies in GG park that gather by Janis’ tree.

  3. I want to write a hit single named, “The Mission Is Fucking Miserable, Like The Rest Of San Francisco, So I’m Moving To Seattle”, but I’m thinking that the response single would be called, “Don’t Let the Door (Bang Your Ass On The Way Out)”.

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