iPhone App Determines the Mission is ‘Where the Ladies At’, That You Are a Creep

Where the Ladies At? is an app for the iPhone that answers an age old question: “Where [are] the Ladies [currently situated]?”

From the app description:

Looking for ‘dem ladies?

Well stop the search, cause we found ’em.

The where the ladies at iPhone application is a compass pointing to the venue with the most ladies. Done by the fine gents at http://wheretheladies.at. It could be a bar it could be a cafe, who knows!

But look: judging from the screenshots, it turns out “the ladies” are at a couple of Mission bars! Specifically, the Latin American Club and the Elbo Room. Anyone want to head over and scope the scene for the rest of us fellas?

From what I can gather, this app aggregates foursquare checkins in San Francisco coming from, well, ladies. Then it finds the location with the highest concentration of said ladies and shows you a big ass arrow pointing you there, because apparently people who need an app to find ladies have an innate poor sense of direction.

Now what the user will do with this information is anyone’s guess. But if this is his preferred method of meeting babes, I’ll bet he’ll just sit in a dark corner and elbow his “wingman” while making a a head nodding gesture towards the ladies in question.

[Thanks jacobchills!]

‘Greetings From the Mission’ Postcard

I put out a thinly-veiled request for someone to postcard-ize the awesome picture of SF comedians in Dolores Park, and reader “someJuan” delivered.

There were a couple more attempts in the comments, but let’s face it, someJuan clearly did the best job… and he did it all on MS Paint on Windows 3.1! The guy has skills is what I’m saying.