Agh! Cars, Man, WHY?!

You’ve seen Portlandia by now right? If not, I think you’d better watch all of their web clips right now.

Say, someone should pitch a sketch to Portlandia showing people posting on a blog about how they are surprised you haven’t heard of it yet.

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5 Comments on “Agh! Cars, Man, WHY?!”

  1. Needs a bird on it.

  2. truth Says:

    Hahaha, so good.

  3. mattymatt Says:

    This show just seems like a bunch of complaining to me.

    • Sweet T Says:

      Complaining about what? It’s parody, and it’s funny because it’s not really even very hyperbolic. Maybe it hits a little too close to home?

  4. Alissa Says:

    Hey birds, you guys have little bikes?!

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