Southern Pacific Brewing Company Coming to Treat Avenue

Mission Local reports:

In the same north eastern Mission District area where big-name breweries like Hamm’s and Rainier once stood, Anthony LaVia plans to open the Southern Pacific Brewing company, a new brew pub and restaurant that promises to return the Mission to its brewing days.

But while LaVia, 33, envisions the revival of the Mission as a hub in which the Rainier Brewery used to produce up to 350,000 barrels per year, he’s taking his plan one step further:  once opened, Southern Pacific Brewing would become the first brewery in San Francisco to host a dual license, allowing it to produce beer to sell on site as well as to other commercial clients — such as bars and restaurants.

Dual license! Epic! Read on. (Thanks, Jacob!)

[Photo by Southern Pacific Brewing]

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4 Comments on “Southern Pacific Brewing Company Coming to Treat Avenue”

  1. SCUM Says:

    Here is a complete list of every brewery that was in S.F.

  2. MrEricSir Says:

    Um… Speakeasy produces beer to sell on site.

  3. “Dual license! Epic!”

    Only in fucking San Francisco. Jeez…

    By the way, I wish them the best of luck, but if you can’t get as close to Mission as South Van Ness, then I think you are fucked from the start.

  4. illuminaut Says:

    $3 pints of freshly brewed beer and a patio? Epic indeed.

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