WANTED: Folsom Street Bike Lanes

Wouldn’t it be lovely if this lovely stretch of Folsom had some bike lanes?

Well, tomorrow there’s a hearing to see whether neighbors think it’d be a good idea or whatever. Reader Brian C. lays down the details:

I noticed one of those “SFMTA Public Hearing” notices near my house at
24th and Folsom today, and the item that caught my eye was:


Folsom Street, northbound, 14th Street to 24th Street

Folsom Street, southbound, 13th Street to 24th Street”

I hadn’t heard anything about this until I saw the sign, but that
would be pretty great for the cyclists in the neighborhood. So the
hearing is Friday, Feb 4, at 10 am, in Room 416 of City Hall. We
should really get people out there to support this, because almost
certainly there will be car/NIMBY types there to try to shoot it down.

The notice is online [here]

Thanks, Brian!

[Photo by Google Maps]

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16 Comments on “WANTED: Folsom Street Bike Lanes”

  1. T.C. Says:

    I’m a NIMBY type, but I think bike lanes are an awesome idea!

  2. Grego Says:

    The current Folsom lanes are so narrow that the buses take up their whole lane plus a quarter of the other one. Two wider lanes instead of four narrow would suit the street well, besides making room for a pair of bike lanes.

    I have to wonder, though, why they’re planning on stopping the bike lanes at 24th St? 24th to Cesar Chavez would be key for connecting with the newly-approved Cesar Chavez bike lanes.

    I can’t attend the meeting but hope that someone will raise that point. Thanks.

  3. naked little fakir Says:

    now if only they would add lanes specifically for fine sportscars. it’s a real chore driving my pagani in the same lanes as the hoi polloi in their hondas.

  4. Travis Says:

    Just scootch on over to Harrison, brah.

    • Ben S Says:

      Harrison: the best street. Less traffic lights, less traffic in general, already has sweet bike lanes and taco trucks.

    • ciao Says:

      correct sir, Harrison is already the choice route. not sure how much use bike lanes on Folsom would even get.

      where we really need bike lanes in this neighborhood is on some East-West streets, one on 16th or 17th st and one on 24th or 25th would be clutch.

      • hoboking Says:

        I really wish they’d push a bike lane down into the SOMA. Sure, Harrison has one to 10th, but then there’s a wall of traffic and a raging street of drivers hell bent on getting to Trader Joes or ‘the clubs’.

        I say push one all the way through on Folsom to Rincon Hill, and one going the other way on Harrison.

      • sjbrown Says:

        It appears they’ve started to paint bike lanes on 17th. I saw some very faint lines going from Church to Valencia this morning.

  5. jd Says:

    Hell. Yes. Bring the bike lanes.

  6. SCUM Says:

    No if we could only get more bikes riders to obey the laws. I am a pedestrian and I am fucking sick of people riding on sidewalks and blowing through crosswalks and almost hitting me.

  7. Drew Says:

    Use Harrison Street! Friggin’ [lazy] idiots…

  8. David Baker Says:

    Folsom will make a wonderful bike lane. AA continuous north bound lane from 24th to the Embarcadero. That’s connecting the City. Thank you SFMTA!

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