Wouldn’t It Be Cool If There Were A Restaurant in There?

On the second floor, with the big windows?

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10 Comments on “Wouldn’t It Be Cool If There Were A Restaurant in There?”

  1. repoman Says:

    dibs. no swoops.

  2. Rich Says:

    That building is begging to be renovated and brought back to life.

  3. moderniste Says:

    I’m surprised no one from the pc/anti-gentrification-to-the-max brigade hasn’t called you on your bougie suggestion. A restaurant? In the Mission???

    That said, the second-story, or any other story other than street level is notoriously difficult for restaurants. You’d be amazed at the visual importance of seeing occupied tables in the front window. Looking up from the sidewalk at patron’s feet just doesn’t cut it in terms of visual marketing.

  4. cafebmw Says:

    well, it’s just a dream….
    the entire procedure to get one in though would be a hell of a nightmare (change of use, dp, abc, etc,….)

  5. Paul Mpax Says:

    Can’t that sign at least be made less toxic more artful and aesthetic… I mean if some of the talented folks could suggest a makeover… wow that be so amazing

  6. why Says:

    hope ya’ll voted for James Keys…

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