Fort Funston Fun

It’s still totally gorgeous, you guys. When was the last time you made it out there?

You know you’ve been meaning to make a trip, maybe bring that friend of yours who’s never been? Do it to it!

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4 Comments on “Fort Funston Fun”

  1. manymachines Says:

    Used to go there weekly and lie on the sand and do the crossword in the fog. These days, not as much. It’s hard to lug a kid up that brutal hill, so we stick to the dog trails on the bluff.

  2. dmadey Says:

    waves look hot

  3. Andrew Sarkarati Says:

    don’t you mean fort FUNston?

    i’m here all week folks.

  4. mattisalomaki Says:

    Love this dog park more than anything, but not more than Max the Border Collie.

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