Vegan Lamb Soup Tonight

I’ve never had vegan lamb anything, but if there’s anything I love as much as being vegan, it’s eating lamb. And Vegansaurus thinks this is going to be pretty good:

Brand new soup stand, Relais, is premiering tonight (Sunday, February 6th) in the Mission on the corner of 20th and Valencia. They’re serving up vegan lamb soup and it promises to be fucking deeeeelicious because these people are talented chefs for real.

Read on. (Hopefully their narrow time window doesn’t conflict with Glee.)

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One Comment on “Vegan Lamb Soup Tonight”

  1. thegrinch Says:

    WTF is the point of calling it lamb when it isn’t? If you want to be vegan, be vegan. Why do you feel the need to trick everyone, including yourselves, into thinking you’re eating meat?

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