Sean Keane on CMT’s ‘Next Big Comic’

Country Music Television, an undeniable authority on the discipline of stand-up comedy, has chosen SF’s own Sean Keane as a contestant! Now, I’m not sure how “country” he really is, but he does have a joke about mullets.

Sean Keane performs every Wednesday at the Dark Room theater on Mission and 18th as part of the Business along with Chris Garcia, who you’re already a fan of. A bunch of us went last week and let me tell you, it’s the best $5 you’ll spend on a Wednesday. Ok, second best.

Here he is doing a bit on the SF Giants:

Vote for him here, because the rest of those contestants don’t even live anywhere near you.

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One Comment on “Sean Keane on CMT’s ‘Next Big Comic’”

  1. heather Says:

    this guy is srsly funny. i’m so glad he’s going places.

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