Tao Cafe on Guerrero Serves Great Vietnamese, Is Not Epicly Crowded Like Sunflower

I lived down the block from Tao Cafe for years and never went in. Mistake!

My new favorite meal is their vegetarian “Spring-to-Summer” rolls filled with tofu and warm vermicelli, followed by the “Sweet Mekong Bass” coconut curry dish, all washed down with a cold Ba Moui Ba. The duck confit (pictured) looks pretty good too.

And check out the sweet view from the front window.

[Photo by Eric]

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12 Comments on “Tao Cafe on Guerrero Serves Great Vietnamese, Is Not Epicly Crowded Like Sunflower”

  1. Tao Cafe remains the only restaurant in San Francisco where I have ever seen a cockroach wandering around the public dining area. You couldn’t pay me to go back.

  2. SCUM Says:

    There is not a place in The City that does not have roaches or mice. Some places are just more aggressive about how they combat them.

  3. Bob Dole Says:

    Tu-Lan on 6th St / Market. Still the best hole in the wall vietname in the City!

  4. jd Says:

    Agree: Tao Cafe is way under-rated. The only reason it’s not very popular is because it’s just not that trendy. But there are enough trendy restos in the city, so it’s nice to have some place not pretentious. Just take Beast & Hare right across the street from Tao: that place has a barely readable sign, no advertising, yet is effing packed every night like it’s some top reataurant in the city that everybody knows about but me. It’s called T.R.E.N.D.Y. But not that there’s anything wrong with that ….

    • SFDoggy Says:

      Tao is very nice; their menu doesn’t change much which can make it a bit dull for repeat visits, but everything is well prepared. Given how uncrowded it typically is, I am surprised they are still in business.

  5. Steve Says:

    I live a few blocks away and have been going there for years and think the food’s great. I’ve been there a couple dozen times and never seen a roach. Part of what I like about it is that I know I can go there and it’s nice, and the food’s yummy, and I never need a reservation, but then I’ve also worried about them over the years in that they seem a little emptier than you really want one of your favorite local spots to be and stay in business—and in relation, that little patch of restaurant spots across the street has seemed cursed as years have gone by, with places opening and tanking with depressing frequency (I really liked the Indian place that was there a few years ago. Oh well…) Anyway, I’m happy that they managed to keep going, and typing this is making me hungry for their Around Midnight Craving noodles.

  6. a_native_son Says:

    What the hell is up with the Tu Lan love? Interneters love it, but I’ve never known anyone who actually grew up on Vietnamese food give a rat’s ass about that place. Try the old stand by’s like Turtle or PPQ or Pho Clement. Sunflower is atrocious. I will say that the fried rolls at Tu Lan are pretty damn decent.

    Tao, never been, but I just might stop by.

    Saigon Sandwiches = Mmmmmm…

  7. JB Says:

    It replaced Flying Saucer, so it’s dead to me.

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