KUSF Says Treatment ‘Unfair’

According to these t-shirts they printed up, the rallying cry for the Save KUSF movement is “UNFAIR.” I mean, yeah they were treated unfairly, but it’s kind of a whiny rallying cry, no? And anyway, the world is unfair. Seems hard to protest against unfairness. How about “DICK MOVE” or something?

But seriously, KUSF needs our help this week more than ever. The Bay Bridged explains here.

[Photo by Steve Rhodes]


Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio [KUSF]?

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13 Comments on “KUSF Says Treatment ‘Unfair’”

  1. sf_Jef Says:

    Pavement never made a song called “Dick Move”.

  2. Victor Says:

    I’d like “Not cool”

  3. Joshua Says:

    next KUSF events:
    Lindstrom + Jonas Reinhardt | Saturday 9PM at the Mezzanine
    Bronze + Death Sentence: Panda! | Sunday 9PM at the Knockout

    This organization is still a very large part of the music community, you can pull the plug but the band’ll still keep playing

    • AttF Says:

      Jonas Reinhardt….oh hell yeah!

      • chalkman Says:

        I saw them with Nice Nice and TransAm when I was last in Vancouver, great show

      • AttF Says:

        I’ve seen them a few times in SF and love their sound….very reminiscent of the best parts of Goblin/Moroder/Kraftwerk/Schulze etc. To see that type of music played so tightly by such capable musicians is a rare treat.

  4. Time to revive Pop-O-Pies’ “The Catholics Are Attacking”. I remember when it actually used to get played on KUSF.

  5. This, from WFMU’s website:

    “Friday, February 18th during Billy Jam’s Put the Needle on the Record: In honor of the greatness that was (and hopefully will soon again be) San Francisco’s KUSF 90.3 FM, WFMU radio will turn over its airwaves to some of KUSF’s finest DJs for a special live 3-hour remote radio broadcast (3-6pm, 12-3pm SF time) from Amoeba Music San Francisco. Music sets will be spun by KUSF DJs Irwin, Carolyn, Stereo Steve, Jantine B, and DJ Schmeejay who was in the middle of his show last month when the plug (literally) was pulled on the 90.3 FM transmitter. Former KUSF DJ Billy Jam will engineer and also present the event along with co-host, Gaylord Fields at Amoeba Music, 1855 Haight St., San Francisco.”

    Listening to WFMU online is awesomely easy, so, if you can’t be there, be sure to tune in.

  6. USF alum Says:

    Notice the utter lack of college age kids in that audience. If KUSF had tried to actively include more than a few token students in their little fiefdom, they would not be in this situation. As it was when I was enrolled several years ago, most students did not even know KUSF existed, and the radio signals bounced around Lone Mtn so bad that you could only listen online anyway. If it hadn’t been for working on Haight Street and talking to customers I wouldn’t have known about it either. It’s a real shame, and I hope they can work it out with the school, but they haven’t been serving the school as a whole for a long time and I am only surprised the plug wasn’t pulled sooner. end rant.

    • […]and the radio signals bounced around Lone Mtn so bad that you could only listen online anyway. If it hadn’t been for working on Haight Street and talking to customers I wouldn’t have known about it either[…]

      You, fella, are a fool. A blind, deceitful fool. Just why would you think that you could waltz in here and think that you could lie to people this way? Do you think that we are stupid? Do you think that we don’t know which stations we can get, regardless of whether or not we like them? Huh?

      For the record, I have listened to KUSF when I worked on Market Street, and when I lived on California Street. I personally preferred KALX, but that was the more difficult station to get, except when I lived in Ingleside. You are a carpetbagging ignoramus.

      • USF alum Says:

        I never said anything about Market Street or not liking the station, which I in fact like quite a lot. To clarify: USF students, on the USF campus were not included in nor could they listen to the supposedly USF official radio station over the air, which USF student tuition dollars paid for. Which is all true. Reception of any kind of signal was hard to get in those dorms.

        I don’t really see how any part of this opinion makes me a carpetbagger.

        If someone who was a student (recently) at USF was involved with KUSF and has an opinion on this whole matter I’d be very interested in hearing it.

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