Bike Lanes on 17th Street Finally!

Kickass! I for one am definitely going to get out of bed at some point today and check them out.

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10 Comments on “Bike Lanes on 17th Street Finally!”

  1. MrEricSir Says:

    They also put sharrows on 16th St, which I’m sure will make a world of difference.

    “Hey look, there’s a bicyclist! Let’s side-swipe him, door him, and then trample his comatose body until various fluids come out.”

    “No dude, look, there’s sharrows here.”

    “Oh right. In that case I’m going to obey the law.”

  2. Even stranger, the city stenciled 6 bike lane graphics (but no lane dividers) on the one existing block of Hoff St. between 16th and 17th. That’ll give you kids trust issues!

  3. SCUM Says:

    More bike lanes, more riders, will there be more enforcement of the bike laws?

  4. Solamente Says:

    Yup, and jay walking and that thing where you walk half way out into the street while still red… Also illegal. Every mode has some illegal bad habits. It’s hard to drive/walk/cycle on a soup box.

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