Photos of the 17th Street Bike Lanes

Bike lanes on 17th Street? It’s good news any way you squeeze it. But if we’re cutting to the chase, here’s the deal: The part of 17th Street up by the 500 Club looks like the above, while the part down by the Uptown still looks like the below:

I’m not complaining. I’ll take what I can get.

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12 Comments on “Photos of the 17th Street Bike Lanes”

  1. patience Says:

    It’s not done yet, bros, relax.

  2. SCUM Says:

    The intersection in front of the Uptown is really dangerous, riders beware.

  3. rachel Says:

    I love bike lanes and they are desperately needed in SF but I don’t understand why on earth they would chose 17th Street for a lane – it is so narrow there is no room for a bike and a car to travel side-by-side in either direction.

    • jd Says:

      Unfortunately, there aren’t really and better options. Thankfully, car traffic is relatively light on 17th, especially the western end.

    • surrealhamper Says:

      Every street that gets bike improvements means it’s one more option to use by bike, one more street that’s a little nicer and safer for everyone. It’s not a restriction for bike travel, it’s a relief from car traffic.

    • EH Says:

      I think eventually the hope is that 17th can become known as a better-for-biking street that cars will lean away from, and 18th will become a better-for-cars street where bikes will choose 17th.

  4. Gustaf Says:

    will they be green too? that would be the greatest!

  5. sf Says:

    I thought something was different when I rode down 17th street the other day. It seems like such an easy, painless effort you wonder why more bike lanes don’t pop up so quickly.

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